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“Commitment to Excellence”

“And it’s a grace, I think, a great deal like life in that it demands that a man’s personal commitment be toward excellence and be toward victory, even though you know that ultimate victory can never be completely won. Yet it must be pursued with all of one’s might. And each week there’s a new encounter, each year a new challenge. The spirit, the will to win and the will to excel, these are the things that endure and these are the qualities that are so much more important than any of the events that occasion them.  And I’d like to say that the quality of any man’s life has got to be a full measure of that man’s personal commitment to excellence and to victory, regardless of what field he may be in.” 

Vince Lombardi

Excerpts form his “Commitment to Excellence” speech

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Come and ride across New Jersey with us.
Join the Trojan team and our closest 7,000 Friends

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Game vs. Allentown Central Catholic has been postponed until Wednesday, 1/11/17.

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Just for fun Camp I runs from June 21st to the 24th.

Just for fun Camp II runs from July 12th to the 15th. .

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